Friday, November 8, 2013


Now anyone that’s read my posts will know by now that when I start a story that goes “I have a friend...” knows who I’m really talking about. This story is no exception so without further ado let’s proceed with today’s story entitled:


So right, I have this friend, let’s call him Jerry. Jerry married this woman ... her name is ... well today let’s call her Becky. Becky had divorced her husband because well he wasn’t nice and she had an affair and the guilt ate at her so that relationship was pretty much doomed. They did however have 3 children together.
Okay, let’s get back to Jerry, before Jerry married Becky, she had made him go speak to her father because in her paranoiac mind she figured out some plot against her and Jerry by her ex-husband and her brother. Jerry, being the gentleman he was, and believing through his love-filled rose tainted glasses that his beloved would never play him for the fool, proceeded to go and speak to her father.

Jerry was honest and told her father exactly how much he felt for Becky and so on. Nothing was ever the same after that again. The next time they would meet, Becky’s dad nicely refused to let him past the driveway gate. He had stood in the rain that night when he was denied access to their house.

Jerry and Becky then decided to get married, with Becky finding the correct religious advisor to perform the marriage and also a place for the marriage to take place as well as a time. This was done unbeknownst to her parents.

As time went by Jerry started noticing something about Becky, her friends and her family. He couldn’t meet Becky at home, due to her father’s animosity towards him so she made elaborate plans with what she called her friends in a way that they would fetch her and take her to wherever she could meet Jerry.

Becky’s so called friends who were allowed in the house, to sleep there and Lord knows do what also, were okay for Becky’s father to have associate with his daughter. These friends were less than desirable compared to Jerry. Jerry had worked hard all his life and his career was moving forward. He was stable and pleasant both in character and demeanour.

Becky’s first friend, let’s call him Bob was far older than Becky. He had met her when she was 13 and he was way older and had tried to entice her to him by buying her a jeans. The story goes that they had been friends ever since.

Becky’s other partner in crime was her cousin, let’s call her Fiona. Fiona, if memory serves me correctly had gone through having regular abortions at the rate of about 1 every 2 years from the age of 12 or 14.

Both of Becky’s friends were regular drug users. They did drugs daily and with Becky. Jerry didn’t know this of course till long afterwards. So these were the friends that Becky and her family deemed fit to be around their daughter. Jerry tried again to enter Becky’s house but was once again denied.

In the meantime, Fiona and Bob were allowed to come and go as often as they liked. Taking Becky away from Jerry and convincing her that Jerry was bad. Becky did drugs with them and even though she was under the watchful eye of her parents, she had the world to explore with her two friends by her side.

About a year later after things had cooled down and Jerry was allowed back into Becky parents house, he asked her father how it was that drug addicts and whores were allowed to associate with his daughter but he, Jerry, who had never touched drugs or did anything as vile as they did was not allowed to come inside, the father then replied....
“We didn’t know they were using drugs.”
You can imagine how shocked Jerry was. Apparently most of Becky’s peers and community knew she was a drug user and the kind of reputation these friends had. I would even go so far as to say that  her siblings and ex-husband also knew.

Jerry’s perspective will forever and always be that he wasn’t allowed into that house but drug addicts, users and women who would have made more money by charging their bedfellows for their services were.

Moral of this story, be very careful who you choose to chase away from your house and who you allow into your house. You may be shocked at what lurks in those hallowed rooms within your abode.


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