Monday, September 30, 2013


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Does bad credit really equate to your skills as an employee? It seems this is where the South African Job market is at the moment. There are millions of people, extremely capable people who are skilled, maybe even multi skilled, and they just can’t get work in this country due to a bad credit rating against their name and that’s the unfortunate truth. Ironically, how does one pay up or fix their bad credit scores if they can’t get a job to earn the cash needed to pay up their debt?

Now don’t get me wrong, that in itself is not the only barrier here. It seems companies have now turned to the newly outsourced Human Resource Agencies to employ people rather than doing it internally. It seems like every graduate of any Human Resource certificate, Diploma or Degree now turns to the safety in numbers strategy by joining these agencies. Kudos to them! The problem however is that when these people interview any candidate they’re honestly thinking of the payoff should they get someone employed into whichever company they’re screening for.

At the end of the day money talks and that’s the God’s truth. I have sat at many of these interviews myself and one thing I’ve picked up consistently is that these Human Resource Agencies don’t really know much about the jobs they’re interviewing candidates for and it’s almost as though their eyes glisten with dollar signs in them and no real care for the person in front of them or the company they’re providing a service to.

So it’s money, money, money right? Isn’t that what makes the world go round? Now when these Human Resource Agencies see that you have the skill they will hunt you down but let them sniff out that you have bad credit, you can almost see the sadness and they give up. You realise deep inside you that you will never speak to any prospective company and no matter how you’d like to plea that door is now shut.

Perhaps companies in a country like this should have their own Human Resource / Personnel department who can determine for themselves a future employee’s worth based on their skill levels and not just their credit ratings. The dreadful South African job market and the huge amount of unemployed people should make government relook their strategies and reconsider whether or not bad credit should be a deterrent to anyone getting a job.

My question here is why not employ people regardless of their credit scores as you would be ignorant to believe that employees in any company don’t have bad credit themselves. Whatever reason anyone gives you for that would just be redundant. Perhaps when these Human Resource Agencies do their interviews and screw up their noses at you for having bad credit should flash their own individual credit scores and imagine the surprise then.... just a thought.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Looking back at your life, you start reflecting, thinking and analysing. Memories have a way of washing and cleansing itself of certain details but mostly of negativity and sadness. Things just seem as though they were better. You laughed, you cried, you loved and the world kept going.

When you’re sitting in that lonely corner and the world has turned it’s back on you with darkness illuminating every ounce of your being , the honest to God fact is that it’s your own fault. What do I mean by that? Ok let me elaborate, wherever you are in your life at the moment you’re reading this is the sum of all the choices you’ve made. All roads have led you here.
More often than not it is so easy to blame anyone or someone else for our misfortune. So and so did this to me, so and so caused me to lose my job, it’s because of so and so I lost everything. Honestly however, we should all stop blaming others and take total responsibility for what’s happened in our own lives. I guess it’s very easy to blame someone else for our losses or things that have happened than to accept our own failures.
Life wasn’t meant to be easy and yes, some people were born into tough circumstances while others seem to always get everything they want.  It always pays to remember that wherever your life began, that’s not how it has to end. Each time we fail we should hold our heads up high, learn from our mistakes and move on knowing that we are better people.
It’s easier said than done right? Wrong! You’ve got to reach down to that powerful light inside you and get up. Find that motivation, that driving force that keeps you going and lift yourself up. For example, twice in my life I have had nothing. Once when I was 19, I was homeless and relied on random friends for a place to sleep and some food.  I was fortunate enough to have people who could assist me where they could but life wasn’t easy and I blamed everyone else for my misfortune. One of my friends gave me a ring to hold on to which I still have to this day. I now look at the ring and am reminded that I had nothing but also the courage to lift myself up and create a whole new life for myself.
So what I’m trying to say is that we all should take some if not all of the responsibility for where we are in our lives and if it’s not where you imagined it, don’t blame someone else, do something about it. The power lies in your choices and in your hands, nobody elses

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Like with so many of the options you have in life or different careers or even money making schemes, there are people who sit on top and have made it. You hear success stories like a video goes viral on Youtube and suddenly someone becomes a celebrity with million dollar contracts, a girl gets noticed in a restaurant and becomes a big Hollywood star and so these stories go, well the same can be said for blogging.
People are looking for the “make money from home” scheme ( and boy there are many ) using the least amount of effort and time. It’s only natural that blogging would become one such thing. Google “how to make money blogging” and see how many results there are. There are literally millions of pages on the topic. Somewhere inside you, you should realise that if there are so many people with so many answers then there must be a catch. Why are there so many people that know how to do this, yet you and I don’t really personally know anyone in our immediate circles do we?

Ok, admittedly, I’m sure there are people out the making cash from blogging and probably good money but for you and me, are these things out of reach?  Globally there must be hundreds of millions of blogs, each with it’s own personality, writing styles or lack thereof and so many platforms to use, so what chance do the rest of us stand to make even 1 single cent?

You get told that you need to bounce off social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pin It etc  etc. People will even tell you your posts need to be no longer than 300 words while others encourage you to write till you feel you’re done. Some will tell you to add pictures to your blog posts to make your writing attractive and again the lessons carry on and on. There are even people that will help you for a small nominal fee ( that’s their get rich scheme I guess ) with advice to make us all multi millionaires.

I believe like with so many other things in life that money shouldn’t be your primary concern but rather your second or maybe none at all. Whatever you choose to write on should be honest and from your experience and most of all should be sincere and something you’re totally passionate about. Write from your knowledge and from your heart and if you actually make money from it, good for you.

Good luck and remember, if you’re not having fun doing it then you probably shouldn’t be doing it at all.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Why Do Women Cheat?

That must be the question on the lips of anyone who ever loved a woman and had her cheat on you. Circumstances for every situation are different and therefore cannot be given one single universal answer. Maybe you made her angry, maybe that’s her personality, who knows, but whatever the reason or factors are, the fact remains, she cheated on you...
I have been married twice and twice I’ve had the same result. One has bipolar disorder and the other a pathological liar. Sure, I could blame this on the women and totally hate women but honestly perhaps this all stems from my poor personal choices.

Wife 1 worked as a store manager for a retail concern. I helped her, coached her till she grew in her career. I gave her a house, food on the table and a beautiful BMW. Was this enough? Nope! She slept with her boss, a security guard and the guy who fixed our brakes.... hell, i could go on with this list but I’m sure you get the picture. The excuse given when confronted is “it’s your fault”!

My fault?! I just wanted a wife to take care of, look after and love till my dying breath. Today she's in a same sex relationship with someone she met at a mental disorder clinic!

Wife 2 had a serious drug problem, huge daddy issues, emotionally unstable etc etc. When we met she pretended to be someone more ‘normal’ and when she couldn’t keep up the lie anymore, she couldn’t live with it and turned to drugs and her ex boyfriend. Nice right?! Here’s the interesting part, we just had a child together, the boy was barely even 2 months old and she started flirting with various men on Facebook.

One promised her a job for sex and when I found out, she just shrugged and said “It’s a game, you don’t understand” ( my favourite excuse by the way ) and “you nipped it in the bud”. She also took the job..... should I mention I cried for seven days?

I could tell you that I found my first girlfriend, as a teenager, kissing some guy in my parents driveway and many other stories but that’s of no consequence to this tale. All I’m saying is it seems that no matter what you do, what you give, how much you dedicate yourself, it doesn’t matter, things will happen. So what do you do?

Well you can stay and hope for the best, forgive her and move on or you could just thank God for small miracles and walk away. I do have a problem with the forgiveness part as it’s directly linked to forgetting. So if you can forgive and forget, do it but if somewhere in your heart you can’t, then don’t lie to yourself, do the right thing and move on.