Sunday, September 29, 2013


Looking back at your life, you start reflecting, thinking and analysing. Memories have a way of washing and cleansing itself of certain details but mostly of negativity and sadness. Things just seem as though they were better. You laughed, you cried, you loved and the world kept going.

When you’re sitting in that lonely corner and the world has turned it’s back on you with darkness illuminating every ounce of your being , the honest to God fact is that it’s your own fault. What do I mean by that? Ok let me elaborate, wherever you are in your life at the moment you’re reading this is the sum of all the choices you’ve made. All roads have led you here.
More often than not it is so easy to blame anyone or someone else for our misfortune. So and so did this to me, so and so caused me to lose my job, it’s because of so and so I lost everything. Honestly however, we should all stop blaming others and take total responsibility for what’s happened in our own lives. I guess it’s very easy to blame someone else for our losses or things that have happened than to accept our own failures.
Life wasn’t meant to be easy and yes, some people were born into tough circumstances while others seem to always get everything they want.  It always pays to remember that wherever your life began, that’s not how it has to end. Each time we fail we should hold our heads up high, learn from our mistakes and move on knowing that we are better people.
It’s easier said than done right? Wrong! You’ve got to reach down to that powerful light inside you and get up. Find that motivation, that driving force that keeps you going and lift yourself up. For example, twice in my life I have had nothing. Once when I was 19, I was homeless and relied on random friends for a place to sleep and some food.  I was fortunate enough to have people who could assist me where they could but life wasn’t easy and I blamed everyone else for my misfortune. One of my friends gave me a ring to hold on to which I still have to this day. I now look at the ring and am reminded that I had nothing but also the courage to lift myself up and create a whole new life for myself.
So what I’m trying to say is that we all should take some if not all of the responsibility for where we are in our lives and if it’s not where you imagined it, don’t blame someone else, do something about it. The power lies in your choices and in your hands, nobody elses


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