Saturday, September 28, 2013


Like with so many of the options you have in life or different careers or even money making schemes, there are people who sit on top and have made it. You hear success stories like a video goes viral on Youtube and suddenly someone becomes a celebrity with million dollar contracts, a girl gets noticed in a restaurant and becomes a big Hollywood star and so these stories go, well the same can be said for blogging.
People are looking for the “make money from home” scheme ( and boy there are many ) using the least amount of effort and time. It’s only natural that blogging would become one such thing. Google “how to make money blogging” and see how many results there are. There are literally millions of pages on the topic. Somewhere inside you, you should realise that if there are so many people with so many answers then there must be a catch. Why are there so many people that know how to do this, yet you and I don’t really personally know anyone in our immediate circles do we?

Ok, admittedly, I’m sure there are people out the making cash from blogging and probably good money but for you and me, are these things out of reach?  Globally there must be hundreds of millions of blogs, each with it’s own personality, writing styles or lack thereof and so many platforms to use, so what chance do the rest of us stand to make even 1 single cent?

You get told that you need to bounce off social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pin It etc  etc. People will even tell you your posts need to be no longer than 300 words while others encourage you to write till you feel you’re done. Some will tell you to add pictures to your blog posts to make your writing attractive and again the lessons carry on and on. There are even people that will help you for a small nominal fee ( that’s their get rich scheme I guess ) with advice to make us all multi millionaires.

I believe like with so many other things in life that money shouldn’t be your primary concern but rather your second or maybe none at all. Whatever you choose to write on should be honest and from your experience and most of all should be sincere and something you’re totally passionate about. Write from your knowledge and from your heart and if you actually make money from it, good for you.

Good luck and remember, if you’re not having fun doing it then you probably shouldn’t be doing it at all.


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