Friday, September 27, 2013


Why Do Women Cheat?

That must be the question on the lips of anyone who ever loved a woman and had her cheat on you. Circumstances for every situation are different and therefore cannot be given one single universal answer. Maybe you made her angry, maybe that’s her personality, who knows, but whatever the reason or factors are, the fact remains, she cheated on you...
I have been married twice and twice I’ve had the same result. One has bipolar disorder and the other a pathological liar. Sure, I could blame this on the women and totally hate women but honestly perhaps this all stems from my poor personal choices.

Wife 1 worked as a store manager for a retail concern. I helped her, coached her till she grew in her career. I gave her a house, food on the table and a beautiful BMW. Was this enough? Nope! She slept with her boss, a security guard and the guy who fixed our brakes.... hell, i could go on with this list but I’m sure you get the picture. The excuse given when confronted is “it’s your fault”!

My fault?! I just wanted a wife to take care of, look after and love till my dying breath. Today she's in a same sex relationship with someone she met at a mental disorder clinic!

Wife 2 had a serious drug problem, huge daddy issues, emotionally unstable etc etc. When we met she pretended to be someone more ‘normal’ and when she couldn’t keep up the lie anymore, she couldn’t live with it and turned to drugs and her ex boyfriend. Nice right?! Here’s the interesting part, we just had a child together, the boy was barely even 2 months old and she started flirting with various men on Facebook.

One promised her a job for sex and when I found out, she just shrugged and said “It’s a game, you don’t understand” ( my favourite excuse by the way ) and “you nipped it in the bud”. She also took the job..... should I mention I cried for seven days?

I could tell you that I found my first girlfriend, as a teenager, kissing some guy in my parents driveway and many other stories but that’s of no consequence to this tale. All I’m saying is it seems that no matter what you do, what you give, how much you dedicate yourself, it doesn’t matter, things will happen. So what do you do?

Well you can stay and hope for the best, forgive her and move on or you could just thank God for small miracles and walk away. I do have a problem with the forgiveness part as it’s directly linked to forgetting. So if you can forgive and forget, do it but if somewhere in your heart you can’t, then don’t lie to yourself, do the right thing and move on.


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