Sunday, March 2, 2014


JUNE 2011 - Hmmm... this story I can only tell to about the halfway point but I guarantee you that it is about as shocking and interesting as any story I have told and have to yet to tell. So here goes nothing and I honestly wish I were making this up or even embellishing this in the least but as the saying goes real-life is more often than not stranger than fiction.

I called my wife and told her I needed her help the next day. Just as a backstory, I was living in Centurion, Pretoria and she was living with her 3 kids from her first marriage at her parents house in Johannesburg. She told me she didn't have a problem meeting me at the BP garage in Bergbron and we agreed for 11am.

Next morning, being my day off from work also, I showered and left the house. At this point in time, I had a fairly new 320i BMW and driving was a total dream. So as I drove, music playing on the radio, I decided to give her a call and find out if things were still on schedule for our meeting and she said she was waiting for her friend Reza who would pick her up at her parents house and drop her off at our meeting point.

Now she lived about a 5 minute drive from the BP garage, so when I got there I parked the car and waited. It was 10:50am so I was still on time and a little early. The at 11:05am I called her again and she said they were about 2 minutes away.

Two minutes turned to 30 minutes! What the hell was going on now? Knowing that she lived 5 minutes away and having heard her tell me that that she was 2 minutes away I was a little more concerned. She to me they were stopped by police at a roadblock and she was talking to them.

Another half hour passed and I was getting upset. I've been stopped at roadblocks before but this was ridiculous and then my phone rang. I answered and a man spoke. It wasn't a voice of anyone I had heard before. He told me that my wife was at the Linden Police Station and that I should come there because she was in trouble.

Linden Police Station? Where the hell was that? Remember I'm not from Johannesburg so I wasn't aware of all these places. I Googled directions and called the police station for directions. I then started driving. My thoughts were becoming more and more erratic as I drove. After many phonecalls for directions and getting lost taking wrong turns, I finally made it to the Linden Police Station in Randburg.

I got out of the car and there I saw my wife. I greeted the 4 or 5 men that stood around her and asked if she was ok. She was. The one thing this woman was good at was talking, and she was talking and talking. It was at this point that one of the police officers told me what had happened. Finally some truth. What followed was yet again shocking an indicative of the type of people I had now let enter my life.

They first asked me:

"Is your wife on drugs or does she have a drug habit?" 

To which I answered that she had done it before but had told me she stopped. They then asked me how sure I was that she was off drugs and I told them I believe she really was. The rest of the story then came out. Apparently she and her friend, also her drug buddy, had taken a turn on the way to meeting me.

He had told her that he had to pay a guy he owed money to. She told me that she was 2 minutes away but clearly that was a lie. She was actually quite a distance away. What he said was money owed was actually him buying drugs from Nigerians in the Randburg area. Unfortunately for them both, this was part of a sting operation by the police and they were both taken by the cops.

It was then that they called me and the rest is history. The cops told me that if I could vouch for her they wouldn't arrest her since she wasn't seen buying the drugs but she however was in the car and that proves intent. I told them about myself and that she wasn't this drug user ( Which by the way looking back now, I couldn't have been more wrong in my entire life ).

At this point they brought out Reza, her friend in handcuffs. They then told me they give me permission to beat the, excuse my language, "shit" out of him. I was so speechless with what was happening that I could only look at him. My wife still talking and talking in the background. This was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen in my entire life. What's with drugs? I still don't get it but this is life I guess.

The police let her go and we both left. My head still reeling with all the crap I had just encountered, the lies I was told by my wife and her mouth still going on and on with no off switch. This was a world I had never in my entire life been exposed to or even these kinds of people but here I was. Seriously, as naive as I was, I had only seen these things in movies but because of the kind of woman I had married, this seemed to be the life I was now innocently sucked into. Yes I had a sheltered childhood perhaps but this was just so wrong.

I then picked up the phone and called her mother, telling her mother everything that had transpired. Her mother was shocked but thanked me for helping her daughter. Clearly her daughter was in trouble. Clearly her daughter had a problem and gullible old me believed every word I was told. I honestly didn't know that drug users / addicts could lie so much or what it took to love a drug addict / user. All I thought was this is my wife, why would she lied to me? Just another day in drugland!

"Is your wife on drugs or does she have a drug habit?" 


  1. Why don't you just leave her instead of complaining all the time?

  2. Shut the hell up. Don't read his blogs if it bothers you so much.