Sunday, April 13, 2014


I have always thought I had surrounded myself with good people throughout the 34 or so years in my existence in this world, that is until I met wife number 2. My mind however, cannot rationalise why anyone would lie or tell stories, so when someone tells me a story that I personally can't understand or fathom, I try to break the story up so that I can make it ... more digestable and then convince myself the story could be true.

Now here's once again a story that only fools or drug users / addicts may believe. I swear the story I'm about to tell you was told with the people involved believing everything as the 'honest to God' truth and may also perhaps explain the intelligence levels of those involved or perhaps just the twisted imagination of people who are high.... judge for yourself.

So one night I felt like just doing something fun but seeing as I was tired from a 10 hour shift as a retail store manager, I needed to just unwind and relax. I decided to take my wife to drive-in. Now as I've explained before we lived in different parts of Gauteng. My wife lived in Johannesburg with her parents and 3 kids, from her prior marriage and I lived in Centurion, Pretoria or Tshwane as it's now known. She also had to have her 'best friend' Reza fetch her and drop her off by me.

Anyway so this night we were on our way to the drive-in. As I drove my wife decided to tell me why she had reservations about going to the drive-in now as opposed to the many times before that we had gone there together. She then proceeded to tell me the strangest, well let's just say fantasy story I had ever heard in my life and as you know she had many such stories. This story ranks up there with the best of them.

She told me that when patrons visited the drive-in and parked Nigerians would suddenly appear from nowhere and grab the cars occupants. The so-called victims were then drugged and taken far out of the city limits to the small lakeside town of Hartebeespoort where they were then exploited and sold off as sex slaves.

I looked at her and asked her where she had heard such a ludicrous story because we had been there so many times before without seeing or hearing about any incidents at all? I had not read a single newspaper article or seen anything on television about such a story. Such a story would be huge global news, I'm sure. She then said that Reza had told her this. I shook my head in amazement, truly shocked. What a totally wild story. Anyone who has ever heard a story like this knows you should call the bluff or risk the other person believing such crap so when we finally arrived at the drive-in in Randburg, I asked the cashier at the box-office if he had ever heard such a story before.

The cashier, shook his head in disbelief and then said in all the years he had worked at the drive-in he had never encountered any problems or even heard of such a thing. I then turned to my wife and confirmed with her whether or not she had heard what was said and she nodded. That night she jumped at almost every sound she heard outside the car.

Just goes to show you how gullible drug addicts / drug users are and to be honest, this was one of the least incredible stories I was ever told but to these idiots, this was the gospel truth! Geez!