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Ok so when you write true or actual stories you can’t use real names and so on, thus I will use alternate names. Next, you know when someone tells you a story about a ‘friend’ and the story’s actually about themselves? Well in that same vane.... this is a story about a ‘friend’. Lastly, due to the length of the story, I am forced to split the story up into a few parts.
Bear with me and enjoy. Here goes nothing....
Right so I have this friend who met a woman. They were second cousins and had met on one occasion before almost 15 years ago. She was 15 then and he was 21. He always had thought of her like a baby sister. Call him Jack and call her, well let’s just call her Trouble.
Here we are 15 years later, the year is 2010. One of them receives a friend request from the other and after years of absence, the two are brought back together through social networking. He was a successful retail employee and was a Store Manager at the time, She had studied marketing and had completed her degree.

The 2 were happy to be joined again and she even went so far as to call him that very same night. He was busy working in his store and she was at home. She told him she was married before and had 3 children from her previous husband at the ripe old age of 26. He couldn’t believe it because he had imagined so much for her when they had met before. The two started talking and chatting and it wasn’t long till she visited him at work. The first time she visited him, she was dropped off by her ex-husband and he actually thought nothing of it.

They felt connected. He really liked the attention she gave him and it didn’t hurt that she was as beautiful as only God’s creation can be. He was happy. He then started visiting her at her parent’s house where she lived. Her children lived there with her also. He lived in Centurion, Pretoria and she lived in Triomf, Johannesburg.
He was so happy with her, the kind of happiness that extends past the physical to a whole other level. He was kind to her, spoke sweet words to her. His love for her only grew stronger and stronger each time they were together. One day she suggested to him they get a hotel room for an evening. He was actually shocked by this but willingly agreed.

When they finally had sex and they were done, she got up and asked “so what does it feel like to be inside me?” She then nonchalantly got up and showered. He looked past these sign and three months later they were married. December 26th 2010 was their magical.... only that’s when things took a turn for the worse! It wasn’t long till he realised that the sweet, beautiful woman he thought he had married was something totally different...

To be continued in Episode 2 >>>



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