Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The nice thing about watching TV shows or movies is that nine times out of ten there’s a happy ending, bar some strange horror and science – fiction movies. The scripts are well written and the story comes to an end with everyone understanding the plot and character motives. Scenes are played out where each character knows exactly how to answer a question and perfect timing and thought in any conversation.

If Shakespeare truly said ‘all the world’s a stage...’ then truly we’re in an extremely badly written play. Who truly knows exactly what anyone else’s motives really are. You have a conversation with someone and find yourself reliving the chat in your head long after it’s done. Perhaps you find a better way to reply to the other person or re-evaluate the entire chat altogether... who knows but one thing is definitely for sure, there’s no end to the movie, no credits rolling just the next random scene of life.

As for plots, villains and heroes, we all are perhaps so jaded that we are all the heroes in our own little universes. Nothing we do is really wrong, it’s the other person. Don’t let someone tell you a different way of doing something or lecture you. They had no right to! Who are they to talk to you like that? Truth be told, in these world’s there seem to be many villains. The woman who took your parking at the mall then the person who got the promotion you were supposed to get and so it goes.

Life may truly be a clichéd series of moments, savour the happy and great moments and bounce back after the bad. Take stock of the people who love you and have allowed you into their lives. Look to the happy moments and appreciate every single one of them. Truly there’s so much to be had in life, no matter how bad things get, that we need to focus on those happy moments and drown out whatever negativity may stand in our way. The good truly drowns the bad, every single time.

Go out there and live! Who cares who said what and what you could’ve said or done differently. Whatever’s happened has happened and nothing can be done to change it. Move on, move forward and continue to learn from good and bad encounters.


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