Wednesday, October 9, 2013



No matter where you go or where you may find yourself, there’s gossip. It doesn’t matter whether or not you stay at home and bother no one or go out and be amongst lots of people, gossip will always be there.

The saying goes ‘loose lips, sink ships’ and it’s no truer now than when it was first uttered. Whether you listen to gossip or spread gossip, it’s all damaging. Gossip in itself is usually speculatory at best and though there may be tiny traces of the truth, 9 times out of 10 gossip never has a single leg to stand on.

The plain and simple fact is that people in any circumstance will talk about other people. Perhaps it’s just human nature or a general curiosity but whatever the reason, it seems to be more prevalent amongst small minded people.

The consequences of this irresponsible behaviour can be totally tiny, causing no ripples at all in anyone’s lives or it can be totally devastating. Lives can be ruined, marriages can be ruined and friendships can be ruined and all this by a few words of the tongue. They literally can sow the seeds of anyone’s destruction.

A word of advice may be to ignore those who choose to spend their time talking about others. Chances are that if people are talking to you about someone they’re also talking to someone about you. Don’t be surprised if you hear stories about you or even that you were the originator of the gossip and all you did was lend an ear or comment.

A few basic rules about gossip may be:

·         Refraining from talking about other people
·         Avoid or deter conversations that include other people’s private lives
·          Don’t entertain any gossip which may come your way

The worst case scenario is when gossip and ‘tiny’ untruths become the truth and by this I mean the gossip actually replaces the truth. People’s lives are irrevocably changed because of it and in the tale-spin reputation and respect thrown to the wayside and lost forever..

No matter how interesting a story may sound, if it’s about someone else, know the facts, pass no judgement and most of all don’t talk about anyone else and stay as far as you can out of someone else’s business. It’ll be better for everyone in the long run including you. Everyone deserves dignity.


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